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Art By Athena

Athena Renard is a 42 year old, self taught artist working in both traditional and digital mediums along with some writing. In kindergarten Athena had a career day where they had to write what they wanted to be and draw a picture to go with it. All the kids wanted to be things like firefighters, police officers, astronauts etc. Athena was the only child that wanted to be an artist.


Athena has had  many jobs come and go in her life but she has now achieved becoming an artist. Athena is a transgender woman who is married to a beautiful, supportive woman and they have an extremely gifted 15 year old daughter. She is also very open about her Bipolar Disorder 1, PTSD, Agoraphobia and Borderline Personality Disorder, crediting Art for getting her through some very difficult times.  

Art is in Athena's blood, with both of her biological parents sharing her love of art. She dreams be able to make living as an artist with her art being recognizable on sight. She doesn't want fame, she wants the art to be famous. 


The Horror genre is a favorite of Athena's, her older brothers always let her watch horror and her Mother introduced her to the classic Universal horror movies. One of the first movies she saw in theaters was Psycho 2, when she was six years old!


Please feel free contact Athena for commissions at

Follow her on Twitter: @ArtbyAthena1

All of the art provided to All The Horror remain the property of the original artist and has been used with permission. 

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